Отдельностоящий варочный центр CX68M8-1

3910.63 руб.

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Энергоэффективность и технический лист

Отдельностоящий варочный центр CX68M8-1

    Ultra rapid burners
    Gas hobs
    4 cooking zones
    Front left: 3500 W
    Rear left: 1750 W
    Rear right: 1750 W
    Front right: 1000 W
    Matt black enamelled burner caps
    Matt black enamelled pan stands
    Safety valves
    1 moka stand

    A 79 litres Air cooling system Enamel interior Double glazed doors Inner door glass 5 different cooking levels
    Gross capacity: 79 l
    Tangential cooling system
    Closed door grilling
    Electronic timer with end of cooking
    Acustic alarm
    Cleaning function vapor clean
    Temperature: from 50 to 260 °C
    1 halogen lamp, power 40 W
    Metal racks, 5 cooking levels
    Electric grill
    1 thermoreflecting door glass
    Removable inner door
    Safety valves
    1 tray 40 mm deep
    2 grids with back stop

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Current: 13 A
    Voltage: 220-240 V
    Electrical connection rating: 3000 W
    Gas connection rating (W): 8150 W