Отдельностоящий варочный центр SUK92CMX9

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Энергоэффективность и технический лист

Отдельностоящий варочный центр SUK92CMX9

Отдельностоящий варочный центр SUK92CMX9

    A 70 litres Safe Cook Double glazed doors Enamel interior Air cooling system The inner door glass
    7 functions including Circulaire element with fan
    Oven capacity: gross – 79 litres, net – 70 litres
    Digital electronic clock/programmer
    Air cooling system
    Closed door grilling
    Removable inner door glasses
    Vapor clean
    Conventional (main oven): 0.85kW/h
    Forced air convection (main oven): 0.99kW/h

    AUXILIARY OVEN (static oven)
    A 35 litres Safe Cook Double glazed doors Enamel interior Air cooling system
    4 functions including upper and lower element
    Oven capacity: gross – 39 litres, net – 35 litres
    Air cooling system
    Closed door grilling
    Conventional (auxillary oven): 0.74kW/h

    Double storage compartment beneath the ovens
    St/steel feet and black plinth provided

    5 radiant ‘High-Light’ zones
    5 Radiant ‘High-Light zones’, including 2 dual
    Rear left: ? 195mm, 2.0 kW
    Front left: ? 140mm, 1.2 kW
    Central dual zone: ? 170/265mm, 1.4/2.2 kW
    Rear right dual zone: ? 140/210mm, 0.75/2.2 kW
    Front right: ? 140mm, 1.2 kW
    Residual heat indicators
    Automatic safety cut-out

    Nominal Power: 13.3 kW
    Power supply required: dedicated cooker circuit fused at 30Amp
    “This calculation has been completed in line with the current guidelines of the N.I.T and endorsed by Electrical Safety First. This national recognised formula is called ‘Diversity factor’”

    Main oven:
    2 x Roasting/grill pan
    Grill mesh
    Chrome shelf

    Auxiliary oven:
    Grill mesh
    Chrome shelf
    Non-stick tray