Вытяжка KPF9BL

Цена: 5 238.00 руб.

Артикул: KPF9BL Категории: ,
Технические характеристики

Extraction: Expulsion

Control setting: Control knobs
No. of controls: 2
Control knobs: Portofino
Controls colour: Steel effect

Programs / Functions
No. of speeds: 3
Intensive speed

Technical Features
No. of lights: 2
Light type: LED
Light Power: 2 W
Free outlet maximum capacity: 815 m3/h
Motor power: 275 W
No. of filters: 3
Anti-grease filters: Stainless steel
Vent outlet: 150 mm
Non return valve


I: 288 м? в час / 48 db(A)
II: 421 м? в час / 63 db(A)
III:781 м? в час / 72 db(A)

Electrical Connection
Electrical connection rating: 277 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz