Salt cod with olives and cherry tomatoes

Salt cod with olives and cherry tomatoes

Salt cod with olives and cherry tomatoes

Preparation time: 30 min. + 40 min cooking
Recipe for: 4 persons
Complexity: 2/5

Main ingredients: potatoes , cherry tomatoes , salt cod , Taggiasca olives


• 800 g salt cod, pre-soaked
• 300 g ripe cherry tomatoes
• 600 g potatoes
• 1 clove garlic
• 35 g Taggiasca olives
• parsley, to taste
• 25 g extra virgin olive oil
• salt and pepper


1. Chop the garlic very finely and add it to 2 tablespoons of olive oil with a grinding of pepper. Cut the cherry tomatoes into wedges; peel and dice the potatoes.

2. Dress the pieces of salt cod with the flavoured oil, then transfer to an oven dish with the cherry tomatoes, olives and potatoes.

3. Drizzle with oil, season with salt and cook in the oven at 100° using the steam function. Cook the dish for 25 minutes, then increase the temperature to 210° with the hot air + grill function and cook for a further 15/16 minutes.

4. Serve the salt cod sprinkled with a little chopped parsley.

If the salt cod has not been soaked:

As it is preserved in salt, salt cod must be soaked before it is cooked. Rinse any salt from the surface and, if you wish, remove the skin. Place the fish – already broken into pieces – in a large container with cold water, remembering to change the water often; alternatively, leave the fish under cold running water. As a general guide, 1-2 days of soaking are required, but this depends mainly on the thickness of the fillet. If you are unsure, ask your fishmonger.