Vanilla flan

Vanilla flan

Vanilla flan

Preparation time: 25 minutes preparation, 20/25 minutes cooking
Country: Italy
Recipe for: 4 persons
Complexity: 3/5

Main ingredients: eggs


• 120 g milk?
• 80 g cream?
• seeds from ? vanilla pod?
• 90 g egg (once shells have been removed)?
• 50 g sugar?
• 15 g cornflour?
• pinch of salt?

• 20 g ladyfingers
• 1 pear
• 40 g cane sugar

Cocoa soaking liquid:?
• 40 g water?
• 40 g sugar?
• 12 g cocoa


1. Custard: mix the milk with the cream and heat; then, in a separate bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar.

2. Add the cornflour and salt, then dilute by adding the milk mixture while stirring with a whisk. Cook the custard, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and season with the vanilla seeds.

3. Cocoa soaking liquid: mix the listed ingredients together and bring to the boil, then remove from the heat immediately.

4. Arrange the ladyfingers on the base of the ramekins and moisten with the cocoa soaking liquid. Lay a few slices of pear on top and cover with the custard. Bake at 200° for 10 minutes, then remove from the oven and sprinkle with a teaspoon of cane sugar. Put the desserts back in the oven and brown the tops using the grill function.